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Mother's Day

at Home

Adina Leone

Adina is a chef, athlete, writer and entrepreneur.  Her passion for food began as a young child and she began cooking professionally in 1990. She has worked at many of the top restaurants in Humboldt County including Restaurant 301, Casa Blanca, Folie Deuce and Larrupin.  

Establishing Humboldt Catering in 2001, she takes great pride in serving her community, is a lover of making people happy, and is a constant professional.  

Food Awards

Oyster Festival 2015 - First Place, Best Non-Oyster

                                      Key Lime Pie!

LostCoastOutpost -    Food Porn Fan Page

                                     Panko Fried Oysters & Chocolate

                                     Mole Sauce!  

Bacon Festival 2015 - $econd Place Winner 

                                     Maple Bacon Toffee Ice Cream!