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Exquisite Cuisine ~ Food is our expression of love, it is our nourishment, the link to our environment, our connection to each other and a profound opportunity!

We are a thoughtful and sustainable business, taking pride in seeking out as much Local and Organic product as possible.  We do not purchase endangered or exotic animals, instead we donate to protect these wild creatures in order to sustain the environment for future generations. We take care to reduce, reuse and recycle in our daily operations and for each event.
We work with local farmers for herbs, vegetables, fruits and edible flowers. 

Food and drink are the pulse of every party.  When we marry our love of cooking with our love of working with the best raw ingredients, the result is always very happy people! Each dish is prepared uniquely and customized with the freshest ingredients available.  Our goal is to deliver the most delicious and memorable food possible for your special occasion.  

Stay tuned, menus coming soon!